Trumpets and the Organ in the Baroque

Trumpets and the Organ in the Baroque

Performer: Wiktor Łyjak Kang-Il Lee Ji-Hoon Lee

Organ: Cathedral Keysan

Location: Teagu (South Korea)

Tracks: 31

Total time: 59:50

Recorded: 2001

M.A Charpentier

  1. Te Deum 2:25


  1. Choral “Jesus Bleibet Meine Freude” 3:28
  2. Choral “Wachte Auf, Ruft uns Die Stimme 4:27


  1. Sonata in D 5:28

P. J. Vejvanovsky

  1. Sonata in g moll 5:46

Anonyme & C.Gervaise

  1. Seven Renaissance Dances 7:20

P. Franceschini

  1. Sonata in Two Trumpetsand Organ 6:50

T. Albinoni

  1. Adagio g moll 8:26

J. Clarke

  1. Suite in D 11:46

G. Aldrovandini

  1. Sonata No.2 in C for Two Trumpets and Organ 3:54
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